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Define the Destiny!

September 19, 2009 2 comments

Dear Lovers of India!

Cheers! We Have Grown in STRENGTH!!

India Redefined has got overwhelming support of almost 29,000 people from across the world! Now, let us enter into its second phase of Action!

In order to facilitate it, the website is being continuously upgraded, and now you can formally join it by visiting this website and filling up the application form through its JOIN button!

At this website as our common platform, let us interact with each other, share our views and plan our actions for a better India! Also, let us take the lead and play key roles in forming the Core Team for the movement in coming days!

Just to restate, India Redefined is “a movement to light up the fire in our hearts and to awaken us enough to exercise our Rights and fulfill our Responsibilities through Collective Action”! It is a democratic movement, and every thing about it including its Agenda for Action is to be decided with YOUR OPINION.

SPARE A THOUGHT FOR INDIA! Take the initiative and VOICE YOUR SUGGESTION on various issues from time to time at the website! Please visit the website and take the first concrete step towards Re-Defining India of your dreams!

Define the Destiny!

Redefine India!!

Hail India!!

With Great Hopes for a Better Future,

Ranjana Kanti


India Redefined

Ph : +91 9323467256

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