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Define the Destiny!

Dear Lovers of India!

Cheers! We Have Grown in STRENGTH!!

India Redefined has got overwhelming support of almost 29,000 people from across the world! Now, let us enter into its second phase of Action!

In order to facilitate it, the website www.indiaredefined-a4c.org is being continuously upgraded, and now you can formally join it by visiting this website and filling up the application form through its JOIN button!

At this website as our common platform, let us interact with each other, share our views and plan our actions for a better India! Also, let us take the lead and play key roles in forming the Core Team for the movement in coming days!

Just to restate, India Redefined is “a movement to light up the fire in our hearts and to awaken us enough to exercise our Rights and fulfill our Responsibilities through Collective Action”! It is a democratic movement, and every thing about it including its Agenda for Action is to be decided with YOUR OPINION.

SPARE A THOUGHT FOR INDIA! Take the initiative and VOICE YOUR SUGGESTION on various issues from time to time at the website! Please visit the website and take the first concrete step towards Re-Defining India of your dreams!

Define the Destiny!

Redefine India!!

Hail India!!

With Great Hopes for a Better Future,

Ranjana Kanti


India Redefined

Ph : +91 9323467256


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  1. Prasanna
    September 30, 2009 at 9:39 am

    The article is too good. Women are way ahead today…for me you are by far the greatest example of the above fact…given your achievements that you have already made, are making and will be making…and all this for a selfless cause – giving back more to the society than keeping it to self. I salute you and vote you for the same and your inspiring story which is gonna keep people like us motivated and inspired apart form posing challenges to work harder towards achieving our goals and more importantly DO ALL THIS SELFLESSLY and give back to the society.

    Hats off to you Ranjana.

    Wish you all the best,

  2. September 28, 2009 at 10:48 am

    Bharata the land of Bhava, Raga and Thala is the crucible that gave denizens who now people all lands and vales, the world over. We the people owe and bear on our shoulders an enormous responsibility. One which makes us spearhead what all our brethren and kin will know revere and make their own, after understanding and knowing their own internal world and their voices.

    The world has shrunk and the spiritual community which understands and revels in the connectivity and the Oneness of all Humankind and Humanity, is at the gate which opens up the world to all who are ready to enter it.

    I am with the soka gakkai Bodhisattva consciousness which makes you know of the sixth sense within . This is the handle and the voice which will not only open but make you comprehend where each one of us stands. How each and every one of us can make the difference and bring to the polity and the denizens the importance and the value of our position and strength.

    This immense strength and valuable asset in us as our sixth sense gives us a vantage position. Check out http://www.sgi.org , listen to the video and read the articles written by Nichiren Daishonin, the latter day Buddha, where he explicitly and very precisely explains how the sixth sense, the Bodhisattva in us, can be activated, made more aware, and bring it into each and every aspect of our life.

    Buddha Talks to the Terrorist, the story of Angulimala and how when he met Siddhartha Gautama, shed his weapons and embraced the Bodhisattva, all when our loving Gautama was standing calm composed and his usual genial self, watching with a great deal of interest, at the transformation, happening in front of his eyes.

    I would humbly make a suggestion to visit this site and go through Nichiren Daishonin’s articles and help yourself and make the necessary changes for yourself first and then the society of which you are an integral part.

    Thank you

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