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Implementation ideas for India Redefined

Ashish Mohan (an IT Professional ) shared his views:

The Social Ills Plaguing Our Cities – Indifference towards society and its people

How many times have we lived in an apartment but not paid any attention to its cleanliness? How many times have we read in newspapers about the plight of ‘Senior Citizens’? How good a citizen are we?
The only way to prove this is not by taking to the streets or harping about it on talkshows. The way to do it is the following:-

1. Every day in the evening, people who come back from work, can take 15 minutes of time to take a round of their apartment. During this time, they should try to pick all the pieces of waste or paper and collect it in a garbage bag and dump it in the nearest garbage bin.
2. Those people not living in apartments, can do the same in their nearby streets so instead of having to depend on the civic agencies to do the cleaning, we can keep streets clean.
3. Each person can check the nearest dumping bins and inform the civic agencies of the same in case garbage is not collected on that day.
4. Each person should go and check in their apartment offices whether the phone number of the civic agencies are listed in the office records or not. If not, it is the duty of each person to file their complaint in the apartment office about it and ask them to get the required numbers listed.
5. Each person should make it a point to go and meet at least one ‘Senior Citizen’ of the society and talk to them on a regular basis – even if it is for 5 minutes each day. Regular interaction shall keep them very much integrated with the social fabric of our apartments.
6. Each person should host a simple tea get together on a specific day for a group of 5-10 ‘Senior Citizen’ once a month. The idea should be to get to know them and their whereabouts regularly.

These simple points do not take more than a half-hour on a regular basis. Needless to mention what these steps would help us achieve!! Remember those ancient mythological tales which propagate the importance of a well-knit society.

Nike might be known for its shoes, however we should remember it for its slogan – JUST DO IT!

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  1. December 25, 2009 at 11:33 am

    Ashish has a point. JUST DO IT
    I live in Bangalore off and on, and every visit of mine to the locality where my daughter lives is exactly as I found it. Nothing is changed.

    Shram dhaan, in the form of a 15-20 minutes devoted by one member from every home in the neighborhood will go a long way.
    Roads which are worse than cobblestone paths, sewers, drainage and a host of civic issues which make for a lot of discomfort can be very amicably resolved.

    I am willing to be with this if I have some people who will lend weight to my cause.
    I am available at 09900208406

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness
    You need to pray for your benefits
    Make those prayers in action once
    and know the grace come in a million fold

    Salutations to MK Gandhi
    Our beloved Bapu

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