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Can we Help John in solving about mysterious death of his son in Amity University?

Can anyone help me in talking about John Xavier’s 18 years old son’s case in media, news channels, wherever possible on behalf of India Redefined http://www.indiaredefined-a4c.org ,a Citizen’s Empowerment movement,asking to fulfill ISR-Individual Social Responsibility.

Help John in solving about this mysterious death.of his son.

It is an appeal from india Redefined ,to all Indians -Let us all we move from the state of APATHY to SYMPATHY and finally graduate to EMPATHY.
Every Indian’s pleasures and sorrows become our pleasures and sorrows, when anyone of us is humiliated we feel ourselves humiliated, their aspirations become our aspirations and their failures our failures What we really require is the refinement of our basic sensitivity and expansion of our self which is normally limited to our near and dear ones.
With this expansions we begin to identify ourselves with Nature in all its manifestations, humanity at large. Then and only then the mother earth will be at Peace and worth living for all of us. You may call this feeling Empathy or with some other name. But to me, this state of Mind or Soul is something more than the word “Empathy” or its equivalents connote. India Redefined will take this Up.
India Redefined, the strongest citizen group will make all those people who were part of this accountable to every Indian.

See this letter From,John Xavier, from Saudi Arabia.

John Xavier,
Adawliah, P.O.Box-16650,
Riyadh-11474, Saudi Arabia.
Date: 15th April, 2010.
Smt. Ranjana Kanti,
India Redefined.

Dear Ranajanaji.
Since eight months we are struggling to find the cause of death of our only child
Justin John Xavier .Again how long we should wait ? We appeal to you to inform all members of India redefined about this mysterious death.
We are employed in Saudi Arabia since 25 years. Our only child Mr. Justin John Xavier, born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 26-11-1991. I, John Xavier, employed with Adawliah Universal Electronics as a warehouse manager and my wife, Anna John working as a staff nurse with Ministry of Health.
Justin was a student of International Indian School, Riyadh during 1995-2004. He continued his high school education in Montfort AIHS, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu. After completing his higher secondary education, Justin opted for Aerospace engineering and he joined Amity University, Noida on 3rd August, 2009.
Justin was slim and healthy and an expert swimmer. He used to play basket ball regularly since 4 years. He never had any health problems which needs special attention. His height was 184 cms. and weight 67 Kg. After joining Amity University, we spoke to him everyday till 02-09-2009.
On 3rd September, my sister who lives in Mumbai called up Justin’s mobile as usual at 8.45 AM. Someone else picked up the phone and said Justin died after a cardiac arrest and she conveyed the message to me. After some time University called me and conveyed the same message.
Visual and print media gathered in front of university’s main gate to enquire about the incident. University officials explained to all media that Justin died after cardiac arrest while swimming in shallow waters. Also the University repeatedly told me that the cause of death is cardiac arrest and they were trying to convince me with false stories. Story continues like this:- Justin complained to his friends that he is having severe chest pain since one week and he was not even able to walk properly”. Also the University blamed us for hiding Justin’s cardiac problems. In our knowledge Justin never had any cardiac disorder or any other serious illness.
On 3rd September itself, University officials tried to conduct a postmortem, before the arrival of relatives which was objected by activists of human rights protection, Delhi. Postmortem was conducted on 4th September, 2009. by Dr. Rakesh Kumar. As per his
findings, cause of death is asphyxia as a result of drowning. On 5th September, 2009 Justin’s body was airlifted to Kochi and the funeral took place on 6th September after the arrival of parents from Riyadh.
I have visited the Amity University campus on 6th, October and questioned some students and life guards who claimed that they were present in the swimming pool. Also print and visual media interviewed me in the evening, which was published the next day.
On 7th October, I have lodged a complaint to Hon. Minister Shri. Mullappally Ramachandran with the support of Human rights activists.
Shri. Mullappally issued letters to Kerala home minister and Director General of Police requesting to do all necessary steps to initiate an investigation. On 21st October, I have lodged a complaint to the Inspector General of Police Mr. Vinson M. Paul.
After discussing the matter in detail with me, Inspector General ordered the rural SP to make all necessary arrangements for a re postmortem.
The second autopsy was performed by a team of doctors lead by Police surgeon Dr. Sreekumari from Alapuzha medical college on 22-10-2009. During the second autopsy it was found that the first autopsy was fake. There were many contradictions. Contusions were found in different parts of body including skull.
As per instructions from IG, 4 member team of police officers lead by Mr.J.Jayanath IPS, arrived in Amity University on 26thOctober, 2009. After completing their investigation , team returned to Kerala on 3rd November. No actions took place thereafter. In December, I have filed a writ in Kerala High Court through advocate Mr.Vinod K.R. Now the police play game by extending date each time even after 7 months.
I am in a helpless situation now. What will be the end of this drama ?. It is our right to know the cause of death of our only child. Should we lose our job and go to India for spending the rest of our life shuttling between police stations and legal offices?.. Mysterious death of Justin John was published by all leading TV channels and news papers across India. Unfortunately no student organizations or political parties turned out to say a single word of condolence. .
Further high level investigation is suggested in the report submitted in High Court by the investigation team. Also we are awaiting Forensic report since six months.
Please visit the following links to know about Amity University fraud.





Thanking you
Yours Faithfully

John Xavier
Anna John


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  1. April 25, 2011 at 11:44 am

    All the links mentioned in the post are either removed or disappeared.

    • June 9, 2011 at 11:34 am

      “Don’t leave governance to the people who are not our representatives, don’t leave Policy to the people who do not feel they are accountable to us, and don’t leave all the other problems like literacy, slums, environment etc to NGOs and social workers who struggle without Citizen’s support”

      Best Humanitarian Initiative 2009 award winner INDIA Redefined is a non political Citizen’s Empowerment movement has brought together common people working for the country on one platform. The mission is to empower citizens of India by bringing about a behavioural change in the masses towards discharging their responsibilities and exercising their rights which are constitutional, societal and social.

      All over world the Govt. sector, corporate sector, NGO sector are working but INDIA Redefined is bringing the fourth sector i.e. Common people working for country on one platform . That too in masses!. Common people till now have only come together if they are against something ; e.g All Independence movements, Movements against corruption, they have never come on one platform to work for country and then empowering themselves.

      In pursuance of the above stated objective, INDIA Redefined is inviting applications from committed individuals for the posts of State Coordinators in States all over the country, City Coordinators in all Cities, Student State Coordinators and Student Coordinators from individual Universities/Colleges/Areas.

      The application should:
      1. Specify the Post for which you are applying
      2. Consist the answer to as to why you want to join the INDIA Redefined movement

      All applications should be mailed to the email address indiaredefined@gmail.com and youth4change@indiaredefined.org before June 18, 2011. Since we aim to form working committees within individual states as soon as possible, no application after the given date will be considered.

      Also apply for internship of INDIA Redefined at ranjanakantiindiaredefined-a4c.org


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      India Redefined Initiatives -“I Care” ,”Educate India”, “Develop your own village”, “Cure India” , “Youth Campaign-Clean, Green, United, Peaceful India”

      You can see my interview aired in 2 parts on ETV Urdu on 19th and 26th April in the programme “Ham Badlenge Desh Badlega”

      Part 1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL6xfpbaiKk&feature=related (Aired on 19th April 2011)

      Part 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yn4n_IsABuk (Aired on 26th April 2011)

      Many INDIA Redefined Supporters have put their INDIA Redefined badges on their facebook and other social networking sites.Those who do not have INDIA Redefined Badge with them, Please send us your pic on ranjanakanti@indiaredefined.org, so that we can make your INDIA Redefined badge , which will be sent to you on your mail and you can put it on your facebook and other social networking sites.

      Do some event under IR banner which can be downloaded from website.
      Help in finding IT people for making IR Portal.
      Make more and more People join this movement IR. Spread the message through media, speeches, mails etc.
      Read everything on website once again and Talk to me once at 9004188844

      Ranjana Kanti
      INDIA Redefined
      Ph : +91 9004188844

      INDIA Redefined is asking for ISR Individual Social Responsibi

      Create an India of tomorrow which is
      · Awakened, informed and educated
      · Clean, green and sustainable
      · Healthy, prosperous and happy

      Empower citizens of India by bringing about a behavioral change in the masses towards discharging their Responsibilities and exercising their Rights, which are:
      · Constitutional
      · Social
      · Societal

  2. June 4, 2010 at 3:42 am

    Thanks to Ranjanaji and all other kind hearted people for your support and prayers.As the case is under consideration of Kerala High Court, I have some limits to disclose some details. I hope that case will be handed over to CBI within a few days time.
    Spread this news across India to prevent innocent children who is preparing to join some private universities. These universities provide many facilities to attract teen aged kids. They just need more students to make more profits. Media must conduct a honest survey in this regard. Some national media will not agree with these as they get ads worth millions from such universities.In return these media rate the university as No.1 in India. I am happy to call and discuss the details with any one ready to support me. Please send your mail to johnxavier@hotmail.com

  3. rti activist
    June 3, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    Mr John its truth the this university is a fraud university run by a criminal elements ….whatever happened to your son is sad and we pary for you and yr son. Inorder ot help you i feel that you need to write to media to take up the issue in a big way ..also kinldy write to the President of India as well as the PM.

    I shall coordinate and help support build support to yr cause kindly write to me ar rti.activist.x@gmail.com

  1. January 2, 2011 at 3:30 pm

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